Arrival and departure:
Everything which is less than 45 minutes before flight we no longer accept, then proceed directly to the airport to your flight still to get.

When should I arrive at the parking lot?
First you make the timing of your trip. They always say two hours okay, better are two and a half hours. Morning at 4:00 am, two hours is sufficient, there's hardly any traffic.

Can I arrive before 4:00?
Our opening times and shuttle times are 4:00 to 23:30.

How is the shuttle service organized?
You will be driven immediately after arrival at ParkandFlyBremen and the brief formalities to the airport.

How long is the ride to the airport?
The journey time to the airport takes about 10 minutes.

How to pick up from the airport?
They are (standing at the baggage claim) after your call, picked up about 30 minutes after landing of us. Pick-up is at the arranged meeting point.

Drive at night?
Yes. We also offer at night and on Sundays and public holidays a shuttle service at 4:00 to 23:30.

Can I come to the parking lot with my family?
Yes, but this can lead to delays for the shuttle transfer if you want to use this. Out of consideration towards other guests, it may cause the rides without you must be made. We recommend you only to go to the airport to there already unload passengers and luggage and then to come to the parking lot.

How does it work with the show in the parking lot?
15 minutes / 30 minutes before arrival at the car park they call the shuttle phone number (0176) to terminate in order to adhere and thus the driver-oriented that someone comes. At the car park will then book taken delivery and condolences (best equal operated), in calling area the baggage is transhipped and your passengers can then change already, the driver is then an allocated parking space.

What if my flight is delayed?
We go 4:00 to 23:30, from 23:00 starts in Bremen the ban on night flights. Flights which should then come be redirected generally to Munster or Hannover, guests are then driven by coach to Bremen and arrive at 4:00 to 7:30 in Bremen.

What should I watch before I get to the parking lot?
If you are using 4 or more persons (including children) traveling you should always just go to the airport and deposit luggage and passengers, and then come to the parking lot, so it is much faster.

What happens if the return flight is delayed?
The current flight data submitted to us late on the website of the airport Bremen. Changes we experience so late. If you give us changes via SMS or by phone, we can better plan our service to you.

This and that:
Can I just take via SMS to contact you?
As for missing flight data or flight changes.

How is my car insured?
As in road transport, Schädigerversicherung pays the damage. We accept no liability for damages other.

Why is my email not answered request for a parking space?
Whether we have availability or are booked you see on our website, and already occupied / locked periods.

How safe the vehicle is parked?
You park on a portion of land in the district of SWB Woltmershausen. The plot is finished, fenced and under video surveillance. We ask you nevertheless to be visible in your car not things. Please do not let cable and plugged. Please make sure that your windows are closed.

The mobile number that we specify is for the shuttle, and only for incoming and departing guests. The line is not for information. Please understand that the line must be kept free.

All about parking reservation
Is a reservation necessary?
Yes. You can easily book through our booking form.

Are bookings by telephone?
No, because we need a reservation through our form for processing.
Since the 01/08/2016 no longer, we ask for your understanding.

Are reservations for today or tomorrow still possible?
No, bookings can not be processed in the short term and can not therefore be considered.

Can I just make a reservation via SMS?
No, SMS only for missing flight data or flight changes.

I have no confirmation get for my book!
Please refer to the Spam and Junk Mail folder, if there is the e-mail. If you have a faulty email specified, you can receive no confirmation.

The e-mail that I received, which is the confirmation?
Yes, please print the pdf Appendix Appendix.

How do I book the shuttle?
The shuttle transfer is not available, we ask this for free and therefore then call after consultation prior to arrival.

Can I ever make a reservation if well I do not have all the information?
Incomplete entries are not taken into account, then you have no space in ours.
Incorrect bookings are your fault, resulting complications / costs are charged to your account as pay for the cancellation fee.

Can I make an email reservation?
No, they will not be processed, then you have no space in ours. Please fill out the asked by us booking form.

If something changes in the flight / dates, how can I change that?
info@park de. ">Send us for an email with the new data to info @ de park.

Is really the parking derecognised when it is on the homepage or worth it to inquire?
No, booked is fully booked.

How do I pay?
Payment is in cash on arrival at ParkandFlyBremen.

Are there cancellation fees?
Yes. Depending on the period. Please see this again our terms.

Cancellation fees:
Double / multiple booking on arrival: EUR 5.00 Cancellation fees
21-15 days before arrival: 10% cancellation fee
14-8 days before arrival: 25% cancellation fee
7 - 4 days before arrival: 50% cancellation fee
3 - Day before arrival: 80% cancellation fee
Subsequent cancellations are not possible: 100% cancellation fee
+ Plus service fee of 5,00 Euro
The cancellation fees are always based on the amount to pay the parking lot. See price list.

How can I cancel my booking?
info@park de mit Ihren Daten.">Please contact us for an email with the subject "Cancellation" to info @ de park with your data.



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